Friends of the Bay Point Library

Cristina Mengel, President (Acting)
Friends of the Bay Point Library
(925) 709-0818


Books, books on tape, videos acceptable. No textbooks or magazines. Donations should be brought in and given directly to a staff member. Please don't put through book drop or leave outside of library.

For additional information, see the library's general information on donations.

We are asking for donations of empty laser and ink jet cartridges for our reycling fund raiser program. Used cell phones also are welcome, dead or alive. Simply drop off your donations at the library (205 Pacifica Avenue) during operating hours or contact Flor Rivera @



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Typically, Friends of the Library groups help libraries with:

  • Exhibits
  • Programs
  • Membership development
  • Publicity
  • Fund Raising
  • Book Sales
  • Book Sorting