Friends of the Kensington Library

The Friends of the Kensington Library is an organization dedicated to improving library services in Kensington. Through membership donations and book sale earnings, the Friends provide the Library with funds to purchase roughly half of its books. We also provide children`s and cultural programs for the community.

Book Sales

The Friends of the Kensington Library also have an ongoing book sale at the library with a wide variety of books in excellent physical condition. Many of the best books go directly to this mini-sale instead of waiting for the special book sale.

Special Book Sales



Donations accepted during library open hours only. Please do NOT leave donations outside. We DO NOT accept records/albums, VHS cassettes, magazines, or obsolete text books: Time/Life books and similar series. We do accept:

  • Books in good physical condition
  • DVDs/Blu-Ray
  • Compact Discs

Volunteers may be available to pick up donations. You may call the library at 510-524-3043 to see if volunteers are available.

For additional information, see the library's general information on donations.



Join the Friends

Friends help with:

  • Exhibits
  • Programs
  • Membership development
  • Volunteering in the Library
  • Fund Raising
  • Book Sales
  • Publicity