Important information about your Library Card and Account

Your full-service library card is free and allows you to borrow materials from all 26 community libraries of the Contra Costa County Library.  In addition, a full-service library card provides access to online resources, free and discounted museum passes, Internet access, and more. Applicants must be present to receive a library card.Your Library card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Expired cards can be renewed for free in person at any Community Library upon presentation of valid picture ID and proof of current address. 

Children under 13 must be able to write or print their names (first name only is acceptable). The signature of the parent or legal guardian is required on applications of children under 13 years of age. Before signing as a parent or legal guardian, please be sure you have reviewed the privacy policy statement. The applicant, parent, or legal guardian must provide picture identification and address verification.

The following picture ID and address verification is will be accepted when applying for or renewing a library card:

  • Current California driver’s license or California ID card (temporary driver’s license is not acceptable)

OR any combination of two from this list, including the following:

  • Any government-issued picture ID (military ID, green card, etc.)
  • Student ID card
  • Recent student report card
  • A credible ID issued by a reputable business or organization
  • Imprinted bank check (personal check or payroll check made payable to customer)
  • A piece of first class mail postmarked within the past 30 days
  • Voter registration card
  • Utility bill (print or electronic)
  • Automobile registration
  • A letter from a Social Service Provider stating that the individual receives mail at the provider’s address

If no verification for a permanent address can be shown, an Address Verification Postcard can be sent to the patron’s residence. The postcard can then be returned to the library in person and presented along with photo ID to receive a library card. 

You need only one library card.

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  • The loan period for books, books on CD, DVDs, kits, magazines, music CDs, and CD-ROMs is 3 weeks.
  • LINK+ loan periods are determined by the lending libraries.

Loan periods may only be extended through routine renewals.


  • Books will be allowed 2 renewals.
  • Books on CD, music CDs, CD-ROMs, and some kits are allowed 1 renewal.
  • DVDs, magazines, Lucky Day items, materials checked out on an institutional card, and some kits cannot be renewed.
  • LINK+ loan periods are available here.
  • LINK+ items may be renewed no sooner than 3 days before the item is due; and only if the item has no holds placed on it at the owning institution. Renewal requests must be processed through your LINK+ account, and are subject to the borrowing policies of the LINK+ member libraries.

Materials can be renewed in person, by telephone at 800-984-4636 - menu option 1, or through your online account at

Materials cannot be renewed if:

  • Another borrower has placed a hold and is waiting
  • Your account is blocked because of a lost item
  • Your fines are $10.00 or more
  • Your Library card is expired
  • You have already renewed the item as many times as allowed


It is the policy of the Contra Costa County Library to charge fines on overdue, lost and damaged library materials to encourage their timely return, thereby making returned material available to others.

Borrowing privileges are suspended if:

  • The account has fines or fee of $10.00 or more, including fees for lost items
  • The account has be sent to a materials recovery/billing agency and has not been paid in full.

Materials must be returned by the date due.  Fines include Sundays, Holidays and closed days.

A bill for lost items is sent when materials are 30 days overdue.

Materials can be returned to any of the 26 community libraries of Contra Costa County Library.  Materials returned to a library other than a Contra Costa County Library, may accumulate fines.

You will not be notified of fines.  Fines and fees are listed on your online borrower account at calling 1-800-984-4636, or inquiries can be made by calling or visiting your local community library.





Adult & Young Adult
Books, CD's, Cassettes
$5.00 per item or cost if less Item price or $25.00
Adult & Young Adult
Paperbacks, Magazines, Pamphlets
$2.00 per item or cost if less $5.00
Books, CDs, Cassettes
$1.00 per item or cost if less Item price or $15.00
Paperbacks, Magazines, Pamphlets
$1.00 per item or cost if less $3.00
Videos, DVDs & CD ROM Products
$5.00 per item Item price or $25.00
$5.00 per Kits Replacement Cost
Projectors, Cassette Player, Engravers, etc.
$5.00 per item Replacement Cost
LINK+ Interlibrary Loan items
$5.00 per item Determined by
lending library, not
to exceed $115.00,
processing fee

* Once paid, processing fees charged on lost items are non-refundable if the item is later found and returned
** Materials Recovery fee assessed when oldest fine/fee is 60 days past due, and the total balance due is $35.00 or more; $50.00 or more effective July 1, 2015


Print / Copy Smart Card -- Initial Purchase $0.50 per card
Black & White Prints / Copies $0 .15 per page
Color Prints / Copies $0.50 per page
Missing portions of sets & kits $8.00
Major Damage $5.00
Minor Damage $1.00
Lost Card – Adult $1.00
Lost Card – Child $0.50
Non-refundable Meeting Room Fee: Small Room $10.00/hour
Non-refundable Meeting Room Fee: Large Room $40.00/hour
Returned Check Fee $15.00


The Contra Costa County Library has contracted with Unique Management Services (UMS) to act as our materials recovery/billing agency to recover identified overdue materials and fines.  Accounts sent to UMS are assessed a $10.00 fee to cover the cost of doing business with the agency.

After 60 days past due, delinquent accounts with a balance of $35.00 or more (prior to July 1, 2015) or $50.00 or more (effective July 1, 2015), in fines and/or fees will be sent to UMS.

Those borrowers under 18 years of age will not be contacted directly.  All correspondence will be directed to the “parent or guardian of…."

When an account is sent to UMS, a note regarding the activation with UMS is automatically posted to the account and any borrower sent to UMS is blocked from checking out further materials. The account must be resolved and all items returned and/or paid in full before borrowing privileges are re-instated.  Once an account has been cleared the note regarding referral to UMS is automatically deleted from the account.

Payment plans may be set-up. 


The Library will notify you by email, phone or U.S. mail when holds are ready for pickup and when items are overdue.  The Library does not notify you if you owe fines unless you have items that are also overdue or lost; or your account has been referred to our materials recovery and billing service, Unique Management Services, in which case a $10.00 collection/service fee will be assessed to the account.

You will be provided with the due date at the time materials are borrowed.  You may also check your due dates and current account status online at, by calling 1-800-984-4636, or visiting your nearest community library.

Library Notices are provided as a courtesy.  Borrowers are responsible for returning materials on-time.

Overdue notifications are sent as follows:

  • 10 DAYS OVERDUE: Library sends overdue notice by e-mail or phone or U.S. mail

  • 30 DAYS OVERDUE: Overdue items are now set to Lost. Library sends a bill by U.S. mail for lost item

  • 60 DAYS OVERDUE: Account balances of 50.00 or more (effective July 1, 2015), or $35.00 or more ( prior to July 1, 2015), are sent to a materials recovery agency, Unique Management Services (UMS, aka Unique National Collections); and a $10.00 materials recovery fee is added to the library card account to cover that cost. UMS will attempt to contact the cardholder or their parent (if cardholder is a minor), both by phone and U.S. Mail. Accounts will remain in collections until overdue materials are returned and/or outstanding fines and fees are paid in full, and any remaining account delinquencies are otherwise resolved.

For more information about your library card and account, see our Frequently Asked Questions.