Rules for Internet Use

The Contra Costa County Library provides public access to the Internet. Access is limited by the number of workstations available at any given time. Therefore, the Library must impose some time and usage limits on each individual in order to be fair to all.

  • Internet time is managed through timeout software, which limits each session to 30 minutes, and each user to a maximum of one hour per day across all county library locations. Some library locations have PCs that you may use up to 2 hours per day. These PCs are identified in the Computer Reservation system.

  • This privilege is not transferable to another individual to supplement his or her own time.

  • Most branches have one or more Internet workstations, which can be reserved in advance for one hour and are managed within the same maximum limit of one hour per day.

  • Library staff or docents will help users get started, but they may not be able to provide individual instruction. Users are encouraged to explore on their own. Staff can also provide information about Internet training opportunities and a variety of instructional materials on using the Internet.

  • No more than two people are allowed per workstation.

  • Preference will be given to children, or adults assisting children, in the use of workstations located in the children's area.

  • Printing from Internet workstations is $0.15 per page for black and white, and $0.50 for color.

  • All searches and printing must be completed 10 minutes before library closing time.

  • For the convenience of the next user, log off when a session is completed.

  • The Library's workstations are in public areas. Since others may be involuntarily exposed to what is viewed, the Library asks that each user exercise good judgment and consideration of others. If library staff become aware of subject matter that would interfere with the maintenance of a reasonable and comfortable environment for the public, the Internet user will be asked to end a search or change a screen.

  • The Library wishes to make the Internet and all computer resources available to anyone who respects the rights and property of others, and who abides by these procedures. Failure to consider the rights of others may lead to the loss of computer privileges for a finite period.