Find Your Perfect Match
Want to impress your Valentine? Pick up some new skills with

  1. Marketing
    Learn how to sell yourself or anything at all.

  2. Music Tutorials
    We could make beautiful music together.

  3. Photography
    See the world from another perspective.

  4. Design
    Get in touch with your creative side.

  5. 3D + Animation
    Tired of seeing everything in two dimensions? Try 3D and beyond!

  6. Excel Trainings
    Are you a numbers person? If you love working with data, then this is the one for you.

  7. Computer Languages
    Are you speaking my language? SQL, C++, PHP. You can be fluent in all three.

A Date with Enki
We thought it would be fun to play matchmaker and help set our readers up on a date with an eBook.

  • Best hikes near SF
    If your crush tells you to take a hike this Valentine’s Day, we've got you covered. Find a great hike in the Bay area.

  • James Cook
    Come sail away! Come sail away! Come sail away with me! Are you up for some adventure on the high seas? Discover new lands and learn about history.

  • Storey Skills
    I can teach you how to do amazing things. Make your own fruit salad tree. If this doesn’t pique your interest, maybe one of my 170+ other skills will interest you more.

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Uncover a mystery with me and my associate. The game is afoot!

  • Must Love Series
    Find the love of your life. Time machine required.

  • Art of War
    Learn how to best your opponent with wisdom from ancient China.

  • Don Quixote
    Wanted: A companion to help restore chivalry. We will travel the land undoing injustices and maybe fighting a windmill or two.

  • The Dubliners James Joyce
    Come experience life at the turn of the century with me in the capital of Ireland!

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