Project Second Chance Families for Literacy

What is FFL?

Project Second Chance has a Families for Literacy (FFL) program for our students who have children or grandchildren under the age of five. Older children who are a part of the family are also eligible to participate. The Project Second Chance FFL program hopes that all families will read together. Teaching children the joy of reading is one of the many important things we can do for them.

Program Goals

  • Introduce families to the joy and value of reading.
  • Acquaint families with high quality children’s literature.
  • Establish home libraries with our birthday book give-a-way.
  • Equip parents with the skills to prepare their children for reading.
  • Build self-esteem.
  • Create library users.

Early Literacy at the Library

The library has a program aimed at helping kids in Contra Costa County develop the skills they need to be come life-long readers. The Office of Early Literacy was developed in 1996 and targets library services to children between the ages of 0 and 5. You can contact the office of Early Literacy for information about its programs and services at 925-927-3288.

You can start growing readers right now by following these simple suggestions:

  • Read out loud to your child every day
  • Use board books for babies and younger children
  • Tell stories
  • Take your child to your local library‚Äôs reading programs
  • Encourage your child to draw and write
  • Limit TV watching
  • Read yourself, to set an example