Project Second Chance Inc.

What is PSC, Inc.?

PSC, Inc. is the program’s 501(c)3 nonprofit fundraising and advocacy board and is responsible for raising money for day-to-day operations. Its mission is to develop financial resources and promote public awareness to support the free adult reading program of Project Second Chance. The revenue raised through fundraisers helps pay for staff, tutor training, workshops, instructional materials, and much more.


*Men of Mystery: Author Panel & Book Signing

Men of Mystery was a big success! Thanks to Bay Area mystery writers Tony Broadbent, David Corbett, and Kirk Russell for their informative and entertaining panel discussion on September 28 at the Walnut Creek Library.

The event, complete with a raffle and silent auction, raised nearly $12,000 for Project Second Chance.

We appreciate all who attended or supported the event. Special thanks to our sponsors:

  • Platinum Level: Fremont Bank Foundation and Lori & Ray DePole on behalf of Decoding Dyslexia CA
  • Gold Level: Helping Hands Christian Preschool
  • Silver Level: Bayside Insulation and Past the Gate

Ways to Support PSC

  • Donate Your Money
    This is the easiest donation of all, with these options:

      – Mail a check to PSC, Inc., 1750 Oak Park Blvd., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
      – Use your credit card at the PSC, Inc. blog at PSC Fundraising, or from the library donation’s page select "Make a Donation to PSC"

  • Donate Through Your Employer
    Does your place of employment have a matching program or a charitable giving campaign through which you can make a pledge to the nonprofit organization of your choice? If yes, please consider designating Project Second Chance to be the recipient of your gift. Call the PSC office if you need any information when filling out the forms.

  • Donate Your Time
    There are currently openings on the PSC, Inc. Board, so please let us know if you would like to join. This creative, fun-loving, dedicated group meets from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month at the Project Second Chance office in Pleasant Hill.
  • Donate Your Ticket
    Every tiny ticket counts! Donate BART tickets that have small amounts remaining on them to PSC. We use the proceeds to purchase workbooks and other materials for our students.

Project Second Chance, Inc. Board Members

Thank you to our dedicated Board members, who volunteer countless hours to raise funds and advocate for Project Second Chance: Elizabeth Bognar; Lori DePole, Treasurer; Lucy Edwards; Stephanie Ghisletta; Chris Jacuzzi; Celia Lawson; Gladys Leeks; Jill Lorenz; Peggy Perry; Sherry Sankey; Terry Stinnett, President; Kevin Thieben, Vice President & Secretary; Kim Van Hoesen; Jeanne Wolf; and Susan Yahn.

Not pictured: Elizabeth Bognar, Lori DePole, Lucy Edwards, Gladys Leeks, and Jeanne Wolf.