Meet your Librarian

Meet Andrea Freyler, Community Library Manager at Oakley

andrea freylerAndrea Freyler grew up in Oakley and the history of her family is weaved throughout the community. Her grandmother still lives in the house her grandfather built in 1920 and she met her high school sweet heart, now husband, for the first time in preschool.

Andrea is the community library manager at the Oakley Library, which is located on the Freedom High School campus. She is extremely grateful to be working in her hometown. She never planned to become a librarian, but looking back she says it was meant to be.

“After graduating from University of the Pacific with a psychology degree I took some time off to look at my life and focus on my family,” she says. “I spent a few years volunteering in the community, but I wanted more. I applied for a library position and knew instantly that I had found my calling.”

Andrea went back to school and received her Master’s Degree of Library & Information Science from San Jose State University. She has been with the Contra Costa County Library since 2007 and has worked in 18 of the 26 branches.

Andrea has fond childhood memories of the Oakley Library and her time spent there.

“I loved going to the library which was in the sheriff’s substation back then,” she says. “It was tiny, even smaller than our current space at Freedom High School. The community has grown so much since then. It would be incredible if future generations could enjoy a new library.”

Andrea’s favorite thing about being a librarian is helping people find the information they need and helping people learn new and exciting ways to use programs and services. Every time Andrea checks out a book to a child or helps them use the library’s computer, she knows that she is improving that child’s future and the health of the community.

“Working in the public library and serving my community has come naturally to me,” she says. “When I’m working, I feel the same comfort that I felt as a child at the Oakley Library. I strive to show every patron the same warmth and kindness that I was given.”