Meet your Librarian

Meet Gia Paolini, Community Library Manager at the San Pablo Library

Gia PaoliniGia Paolini is the Community Library Manager at the San Pablo Library. She has been the manager at the branch for about three years and was a key part of the team that helped move the library from its old location to a new building on San Pablo Avenue in July 2017.

“The new library is three times the size of the library on El Portal and is full of windows and natural light,” she said. “This is a beautiful building in a wonderful location and we have seen an increase in use because of it.”

Gia received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Indiana University.

Gia says she liked the idea of being a librarian because she wanted to work somewhere quiet, but says it’s the variety that makes the library a great place to work.

“My favorite thing about working in a library is that something new happens every day,” she says. “I don’t spend all day reading, although that wouldn’t be a bad job either.”

In her spare time, Gia loves reading, kickboxing and travelling. She is also a big fan of sandwiches.