Meet your Librarian

Meet Lynne Noone, Senior Community Library Manager at Hercules and Crockett

Lynne Noone

Being a librarian is a second career for Lynne Noone, but she feels like the library is the perfect fit for her. She is the senior community library manager for the Hercules and Crockett libraries. She says connecting to the community and getting to know the local residents, schools, groups, businesses, and government is what she loves about her job.

“Understanding the community helps to inform us about what libraries can offer to make them relevant and useful to the community,” she adds.

Lynne grew up on the east coast and did her undergraduate work at Syracuse University. After graduating with a degree in telecommunications production she found a job working at Rolling Stone Magazine and eventually moved to the Bay Area where she became the production director for HarperCollins San Francisco.

“I traveled a lot overseas when I worked for HarperCollins,” she says. “One of my favorite places was Italy, I got to work for five weeks in Milan. The food, the art, the architecture, the people; so beautiful.”

Lynne took some time off to raise her children and after they were all in school started working part-time in the library at a local elementary school. Within a year, Lynne was enrolled at San Jose State and pursuing her master’s degree in library and information science.

Lynne says that being a librarian is so much more than book recommendations. She is always busy visiting schools, senior centers, farmer’s markets, and service organizations to promote library services. But her favorite thing about being a librarian is making a difference in people’s lives.