Meet your Librarian

Meet Nancy Kreiser, Community Library Manager at San Ramon and Dougherty Station

nancy kreiser

In 2001, Nancy Kreiser found herself between careers. After spending 20 years working for the phone company she was looking for a change. During that time she pursued some volunteer interests and that brought her to the library. She started as a member of the San Ramon Library Advisory Committee and then applied for a position as a library assistant. Within the first week of training, she knew she had found her true calling and decided to go back to school to earn her master’s in library and information science.

“My goal was to finish my MLIS before I qualified for AARP,” she smiles. “I made it by graduating just months before my 50th birthday.”

As the Community Library Manager for the San Ramon and Dougherty Station libraries, Nancy loves when the library is filled with people and activity. Big events like Jazz concerts at San Ramon or the annual Reading Carnival at Dougherty Station are the most fun and exciting. She says being a librarian isn’t really a quiet job because the library is a bustling community hub.

“I particularly appreciate that I live and work in San Ramon,” she says. “Serving the community that has been my home for more than 25 years is particularly rewarding.” Outside the library, Nancy stays busy taking Zumba classes, hanging out with her grandkids and cheering for the Golden State Warriors. She and her husband recently purchased a motorhome and are planning to get away as often as possible.