Meet your Librarian

Meet Patrick Remer, Community Library Manager at Pleasant Hill

patrick remerPleasant Hill Community Library Manager Patrick Remer has a lifelong connection to his job. He grew up in Pleasant Hill and used to ride his bike and walk to the library as a child. He has fond memories of his time in the library, but never thought his path would lead him back there.

Patrick held jobs as an aide in a preschool, a barista, a crossing guard and a high school art and English teacher before deciding he wanted to spend his life in the library.

“I’ve always been insatiably curious about the world and other people,” he says. “There’s no place like a library to learn something new every day – about the world and the amazing people in it. I am especially lucky to learn from our youngest visitors, for whom this universe appears so magical and mysterious.”

Patrick is always reading a stack of books at the same time as well as his weekly New Yorker, but says one of his favorite books of all time is Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino. It’s the story of an obstinate young dreamer who climbs up into the canopy of his family’s arbor and refuses to come down. He lives the rest of his life as a folk hero in the branches above his town, swashbuckling with cats, romancing, and leading an armed rebellion.

Aside from reading, Patrick also enjoys drawing, visiting museums, and drinking copious amounts of coffee and tea. He even brought in an espresso machine for the staff area at the library.