Meet your Librarians

Meet Rob Tygett, Senior Community Library Manager at the Walnut Creek Library

Rob TygettRob Tygett is the senior community library manager at the Walnut Creek Library. He recently relocated to the Bay Area from Missouri.

Rob found his way into a career in the library by accident and says not to believe everything you hear about librarians. “We are not all quiet or voracious readers,” he laughs. “I have a media background and spend of lot of time listening to music and watching movies, though I do enjoy a good book.”

Rob is enjoying exploring and getting to know the Walnut Creek community and hopes to continue developing innovative partnerships and library services for the citizens of Walnut Creek and Contra Costa County. “It’s important to me to help strengthen communities and enrich the lives of library users,” he says. “We are a cultural center, an educational pillar and a source of inspiration and discovery in our community.”

In his spare time, Rob stays busy going to concerts, ice skating, cooking, swimming and riding his bike.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Webster University and his master’s in library and information science from the University of Missouri, Columbia.