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Parent/Teacher Info:

The Contra Costa Libraries offer a number of services to assist teachers and caregivers. Here are some things we can do to help you:

Library Cards | e-Cards | Tours | Class Visits | Reading Lists

Library Cards:

Library cards are free for everyone. When a teacher submits library card applications for his/her classroom, the classroom teacher may verify student addresses. Parents must sign applications for children under 13 years of age. Teachers, please bring completed applications to your branch one week prior to your class visit to allow for processing.
Cards are issued at the time of application and may be used at all Contra Costa County Libraries. Library card applications may be downloaded and copied. You may also apply for an e-Card (see section below). Parents should not complete an application for a child who already has a Contra Costa County library card.


A Library e-Card an be used from a remote location (i.e. from home) to access the Library's electronic resources and to place hold using the online catalog. The Library e-card will be valid for three years. If you decide to check-out materials, pick-up holds, or use the computers in any Contra Costa County Library location, you must exchange your e-Card for a full-access library card. Positive ID and proof of address will be required to exchange your e-Card for a full access library card. Current Contra Costa County Library customers do not need to register for an e-Card. They can simply use their existing, full access library card to log on to the library Web site and take advantage of the full array of resources available. Go to: to apply right now!


You can learn much about the library with your classroom, scout troop or other group. Our staff will provide a tour, story time or help with a research project. Please call your local branch to arrange for a tour.

Class Visits:

Teachers may request an on-site visit from their local librarian. The librarian can read stories, introduce books, provide instruction on library resources or describe materials to help with a particular topic. Please call your local branch to arrange a visit.

Reading Lists:

Your librarian can suggest titles for your reading lists from reference books, bibliographies, periodicals and web sites. Remember, the number of pages a book contains is not necessarily the best way to gauge the suitability of a title. Also, providing your local branch with a copy of your reading lists, like AR lists, can help us recommend appropriate books for your students.

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