About OAYRF Library

The Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility was established in 1959 as a treatment center for adolescent young men. It houses 100 boys who have been placed there after being incarcerated at Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall. The library at this facility was established in September 2008 and funded by a generous grant from the Lesher Foundation. All of the teens at OAYRF have been exposed to the books and library programs at Juvenile Hall. Because of this exposure, they have become aware of the breadth of resources available at a library. With the addition of the library at OAYRF, residents continue improving their literacy skills and kindling the spark that was ignited by the discovery of all the treasures a library has to offer.

The boys at OAYRF are eager to read. During free time when residents have a choice of activity, the line to enter the limited space of the library is long, but the teens are willing to wait. They have 45 minutes each week to browse the collection and check out books, with the encouragement and guidance of library staff.