Learning English at McDonald’s

by Veronica G. 

Submitted by CCCL_KateM

Hear how this English language learner made the most of her situation to learn English on the job, even when her co-workers mainly spoke Spanish. She was determined to improve her language skills at work and by studying with a literacy tutor at Project Second Chance, the Library’s one-to-one tutoring program.  

When I came from Mexico, I was 19 and I had no English. I worked at my first job at McDonald’s in Walnut Creek. I started at the dishwasher. Usually, people in the back made sandwiches and talked in Spanish. After dishwashing, I was given a sandwich book that helped me to say words in English. I learned how to say lettuce by looking at a picture of it and saying the word. I used the pictures to learn how to say many words in English. After a few years, I was interested in how things were done, such as weights and measures and how to order supplies. I also learned how to put all of that in a computer. They train that to workers who are interested. I learned a lot about how a business works. You can see an opportunity to grow by asking questions, and my supervisor was helpful and encouraging. I worked there 15 years and it made a difference.  


Go Veronica! Learners can also work on skills by using Library ESL textbooks, listening to audiobooks and reading abridged classics and other books that are enjoyable to adult learners.  

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To learn English or to teach English, have a look at this set of ESL grammar, conversation, vocabulary, and idiom texts. Some of these are tried and true texts that the Library's tutoring program, Project Second Chance (PSC) uses with adult learners.

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Audiobooks for Adult Learners -- PSC

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Shorter books and more linear plots are helpful for adults who are learning to enjoy reading. The same is true when "ear" reading. The following books are PSC learner friendly.

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All the Oxford Bookworms

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Tried and True Titles for Adult Learners

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