Reading Graphic Novels and Manga Does Count as Reading by Librarian Janae Diaz

Graphic Novels (GN’s) and Manga may not seem like real reading to some people, but to others, they are the best form of reading. Graphic Novels and Manga can be gateway books for reluctant readers or visual learners. In my personal experience, I did not enjoy reading when I was younger. Reading felt like a chore to me, so many words! As a visual learner , I took notes in picture form and learned by seeing, not by reading. One day when I was old enough to browse the teen section my mother took me to the library, and I had stumbled upon the Manga. My whole world had changed in that moment. Beautiful drawings and stories about other kids/teens form other countries! I devoured series after series and made new friends at school with other Manga readers. Reading Manga led me to books and to new friendships in my youth and now to librarianship and a love for reading as an adult.  

Reading GN’s and Manga can enrich lives and give confidence to those who do not like to read. I encourage those who do not like reading to give these books a try. They might be the type of book that will make reluctant readers want to read. The access to Manga and Graphic novels has grown exponentially over the years. Now, they are accessible anytime anywhere in e-book and print forms. The content and artwork in Manga and Graphic Novels vary greatly in complexity and in age group, providing something for everyone! Not all librarians read novels, there are a lot of librarians out there who read GN’s, Manga, and comic books! Ask your local librarian about the Graphic Novel or Manga section in your local branch! 


More Info and Definitions: 

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