Reading in a New Language 

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After pecking my way through Don Quixote, Love in the Time of Cholera and other great books in Spanish years ago, I have profound empathy for anyone trying to read a book in an acquired language. To give it a try, find foreign-language books here. 

If your skills are rusty, spend some time on Rosetta Stone and let Wenman L. be your inspiration. As an English Language Learner, Wenman is working on reading in English and wrote the following for Project Second Chance, the Library’s adult literacy program. She participated in PSC’s Book Club and read some books on our booklist "Tried and True Titles for Adult Learners" (see below).

About Reading 

By Wenman L. 

As a new learner of the English language, I couldn’t take an advantage of my age to study faster or better. In contrast, the process of learning is tremendously difficulty. Reading is one way to work on English. I am fortunate because I love reading and I am obsessed to it. It is my leisure time. My reading time always comes along with bitter and sweet. 

My vocabularies are lacking, the idioms drive me crazy, and sometimes I get frustrated. The reading is very slow because I have to spend a lot of time checking the words. When I read, I mark on the unknown words, and then I use the dictionary to find out the definitions. It helps me to understand the sentences. Some sentences are beautiful. I would like to write them down or reread them again. The feeling is like enjoying a piece of art. 

I usually prefer to read books that contain positive energy and inspiration. These books have special powers that attract me to not give up reading easily. At same time, these books encourage me to be brave and open minded. I must confess that I’ve changed a lot after I read good books. It is a wonderful feeling and an amazing process…I couldn’t live without reading books. They are the nutritious food for my spirit. 



She’s incredible, right? Would you like to be trained as a volunteer tutor for someone like Wenman? Learn more here or call 925-927-3250. 

Tried and True Titles for Adult Learners

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Easy-to-enjoy titles for adults at reading levels that are suitable for new and learning adult readers. Many of these books have been featured in PSC book clubs.

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