Civic Engagement


Civic Engagement

This page is designed to provide resources to help you get involved in and understand your community. Find information on voting, ballot issues and candidates, library resources and a link to the County Elections website.

In addition to the Candidate Forums we are hosting in partnership with CCTV, Contra Costa County Elections Department and the League of Women Voters there are supplemental forums on local elections throughout the County that can be viewed here.


Candidate Forums

Antioch City Council, Dist. 2. Hosted by Contra Costa County Library in cooperation with the League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley, CCTV, and the Contra Costa County Elections Division. Moderated by Gayle Saxton.

See them all by clicking here.


Civic Engagement Blog Posts

Racial Equity @ Contra Costa County Library

Library staff is working with Dr. Lori Watson to create a more equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for staff and patrons.

Public Comment: What Do I Do?

This civic engagement primer covers how to participate in the public comment section of a town or city council and meeting.

Civic Engagement Starts with YOU!

Voting is one way to participate in democracy, but involvement in local government, can help make visible change in your community.

Contra Costa County Elections

Contra Costa County Elections Website

Register to vote, run for office, find current election dates or apply to be a poll worker on election day.

Civic Engagement Reading Lists

Celebrate Women's Suffrage

Check out these books and movies about how women got the right to vote in the U.S.

Voting and Democracy

Learn more about History, Democracy, and the Fight to Vote in the U.S.

Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote

This year we commemorate the 19th amendment, a milestone of democracy, while also exploring its relevance today.

Online Resources

Explora High School and Beyond

Explora High School and Beyond

Research ready reference on all sorts of topics in current headlines. Get the facts you need to make informed decisions and discussions.


Provides access to current and archived coverage from local, U.S. and global news sources. This resource also provides free access to the East Bay Times from December 2018 – present, and Contra Costa Times from June 1995 – April 2016.

New York Times Digital

This news institution has been around for almost as long as California has been a state. They take journalism seriously, and provide information in engaging ways.

Publication Finder

Like Explora, this provides ready reference on many topics but it goes a step further, providing points of view for or against an issue, helping to craft an informed stance.

Publication Finder

This resource lists a host of publications collected across all of the Library’s digital offerings. It’s a great first stop on your quest for information.

Foundation Directory Online

Find funding sources for you or your non-profit. This resource lists foundations, corporate donors, grants, scholarships and more.

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