Civic Engagement


Civic Engagement

Find resources to help you learn about and get involved in your community. Get information on voting, social issues, and the library resources you’ll need to engage with your community and your government representatives on topics that matter.


Check back here regularly for upcoming and recorded civic engagement-related library programs, reading lists, blogs by library staff, and links to digital information resources.

Civic Engagement Blog Posts

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

A suggestion of free resources if you or someone you know is having trouble or feeling isolated due to mental health or the pandemic

A Message from Contra Costa County Library’s EDI Committee

Contra Costa County Library’s EDI Committee Stands with All Americans Against Hate

Solving Hunger in our Community

Hunger and poverty in the county has been made worse by the pandemic. If you need help or want to help, we can find the resource you need.

Online Resources

Explora High School and Beyond

Explora High School and Beyond

Research ready reference on all sorts of topics in current headlines. Get the facts you need to make informed decisions and discussions.


Provides access to current and archived coverage from local, U.S. and global news sources. This resource also provides free access to the East Bay Times from December 2018 – present, and Contra Costa Times from June 1995 – April 2016.

New York Times Digital

This news institution has been around for almost as long as California has been a state. They take journalism seriously, and provide information in engaging ways.

Publication Finder

Like Explora, this provides ready reference on many topics but it goes a step further, providing points of view for or against an issue, helping to craft an informed stance.

Publication Finder

This resource lists a host of publications collected across all of the Library’s digital offerings. It’s a great first stop on your quest for information.

Foundation Directory Online

Find funding sources for you or your non-profit. This resource lists foundations, corporate donors, grants, scholarships and more.

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