Front Door Service


How Does it Work?

Front Door Service is available now at 24 library locations.

Place your holds.
Wait for notification that holds are ready.
Schedule an appointment.
Pick them up.

Scroll down for more details on exactly how the process works.

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Front Door Service launches at 24 library locations

Front Door Service offers safe, contactless service at 24 library locations.

Front Door Service FAQ

  • You will receive a notification via email, text, or by phone when your holds are ready for pick up. You can also look at your account. You'll see a green check mark and the word "ready" for items that are available for pick-up.

    1. Place a hold using the Library catalog
    2. Wait to be notified by text, email or phone that your holds are ready
    3. Make an appointment to schedule a pickup time
    4. Once at the library - Have your library card number ready and call or text the number on the sign before approaching the door
    5. Staff will notify you when your items are ready to go
    6. Pick up your items in a bag with your name on the table at the front door
  • Please return items in the book drop.

1. Place hold

Place your holds and wait to receive confirmation that they are available.

You will be able to place up to 25 items on hold at a time.

2. Get Notified

You will receive email, text or phone confirmation that the items you placed on hold are available.

Now you are ready to schedule an appointment.

3. Schedule

Once you receive notification that your holds are ready you can schedule an appointment.

Click the link below to book an appointment to pick up your holds. Be sure to schedule the appointment at the library where your holds were sent.

An appointment isn't necessary to pick up your holds, however, without an appointment you may have a longer wait.


4. Pick Up

Upon arrival, call or text library staff to alert them that you have arrived. The number to call or text will be prominently displayed in front of the Library entrance. You will be asked to provide the library card account information for any holds you will be picking up.

Your items will be placed on the table outside the library in a bag labeled with your name. Staff will let you know when you may retrieve the items.

Please return all materials to the book drop. All returns will be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours between uses. Materials may remain on your account until after the quarantine period before being cleared from your account. There are no daily overdue fines.

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Contact Information

Schedule Pick-up: Bay Point
Text: (925) 438-0900
Call: (925) 458-9597

Schedule Pick-up: Brentwood
Text: (925) 438-0848
Call: (925) 516-5291

Schedule Pick-up: Clayton
Text: (925) 438-0767
Call: (925) 673-0480

Schedule Pick-up: Concord
Text: (925) 438-0801
Call: (925) 646-5109

Schedule Pick-up: Crockett
Text: (510) 726-8333
Call: (510) 787-2345

Schedule Pick-up: Danville
Text: (925) 438-0853
Call: (925) 314-3764

Schedule Pick-up: Dougherty Station
Text: (925) 438-0948
Call: (925) 973-3399


Schedule Pick-up: El Cerrito
Text: (510) 726-8339
Call: (510) 558-0451

Schedule Pick-up: El Sobrante
Text: (510) 726-8556
Call: (510) 374-3992

Schedule Pick-up: Hercules
Text: (510) 726-8444
Call: (510) 245-2420

Schedule Pick-up: Kensington
Text: (510) 726-7215
Call: (510) 524-3043

Schedule Pick-up: Lafayette
Text: (925) 438-6001
Call: (925) 385-2284

Schedule Pick-up: Martinez
Text: (925) 438-6008
Call: (925) 646-9921

Schedule Pick-up: Moraga
Text: (925) 438-0899
Call: (925) 388-6272

Schedule Pick-up: Oakley
Text: (925) 438-0958
Call: (925) 625-2400

Schedule Pick-up: Orinda
Text: (925) 438-0886
Call: (925) 254-0120

Schedule Pick-up: Pittsburg
Text: (925) 438-0878
Call: (925) 427-8441

Schedule Pick-up: Prewett
Text: (925) 438-0766
Call: (925) 776-3063

Schedule Pick-up: Rodeo
Text: (510) 726-8484
Call: (510) 799-2606

Schedule Pick-up: San Pablo
Text: (510) 726-8111
Call: (510) 374-3999

Schedule Pick-up: San Ramon
Text: (925) 438-0818
Call: (925) 973-2883

Schedule Pick-up: Walnut Creek
Text: (925) 438-0997
Call: (925) 977- 3355

Schedule Pick-up: Ygnacio Valley
Text: (925) 438-0884
Call: (925) 938-1482

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