Job Resources


Job Resources

This page includes a number of library services to assist you in your job search. From booklists on resumes and cover letters, to blog posts on networking and finding the right job, to online resources that can teach you all of the above (and more)—we have you covered.


Find A Job Reading Lists

Find a Job: Librarian

Inspired by the blog post, this list of books may help put you on the path to becoming an information professional

Find a Job: Social Networking

Supplemental material for the Find a Job blog post by CCCL_MarliaH

Find a Job: Networking

Supplemental material to the Find a Job blog post by CCCL_DouglasT


Resume formats change over the years, but there are certain principles which should be followed. These resources will help you do that.


Find a Job: Introductions Part 1

The Find a Job blog series can help you find your next job—using library resources. Here is one librarian's story of how she found her way.

Find a Job: Introductions Part 2

The new Find a Job blog series can help you find your next job or career by using library resources. Here is one librarian's story.

Find a Job: Networking

Find a Job introduces the art of networking both in-person and through LinkedIn—the online networking platform.

Online Resources

Learning Express

Take practice tests for civil service and other professional exams, find information about occupations, and improve your workplace skills.


Online courses taught by industry and academic experts. Acquire tech and business expertise to achieve your goals. Earn a certificate.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

Learn new job skills with LinkedIn Learning covering web design and development, IT, instruction, media production and more.


Skillsoft IT Pro

Training on the most popular applications and hardware in the workforce. Prepare for certification exams.


Search this directory of U.S. businesses by industry and geography, and get details about companies that will put you first in line when you apply for a job.


Featuring live online assistance, resume lab help, and a wide range of academic tools, this resource can help job seekers and veterans reach their goals.

Learn to use our digital resources through these videos.

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