Discover & Go At-Home – Charles Schulz Museum

Submitted by CCCL_DesireeC

One of my young son’s favorite places to visit is the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, which celebrates the legacy of cartoonist Charles Schulz and his beloved characters of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the entire Peanuts Gang. And since the museum is one of the library’s Discover&Go partners, patrons can sometimes access discounted passes to visit.

Although the museum may be physically closed right now, they have great family-friendly online resources for our family to use so we can take a “virtual” field trip. After a couple hours of Zoom school meetings and online homework, it’s refreshing to have so many activities on their Museum-At-Home page that don’t require being on a screen. There are activity options that range from downloadable Peanuts coloring sheets to links with activity lesson plans for all different grade levels and in multiple languages. Some of our favorite activities are:

  • Make a Peanuts Thaumatrope! - This one is fun to do together, learn a little bit about how animation works and have fun creating our own drawings to try!
  • Lucy Fortune Teller - Younger ones may need help with this one, but who doesn’t love getting life advice from Lucy?
  • How to Draw Woodstock - Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for drawing our favorite sidekick.
  • Create Your Own Comic Strip - We love to practice our storytelling skills and pretend to be a cartoonist like Charles Schulz!

We hope these few examples give your family some inspiration for new fun at home.  And if your kiddos are anything like mine and can’t get enough of Charlie Brown and the gang, here’s a sampling of some great titles for kids that are All Things Peanuts!

During October Contra Costa County Library is celebrating Discover & Go Month with fun virtual programs, a trivia quiz for a chance to win prizes and the opportunity to support the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano.