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Portable scanning pen which reads printed text out loud. Optical character recognition (OCR) and natural voice text to speech.

Energy Efficiency Toolkit

Energy Efficiency Toolkit

Contains an electric use meter to test home appliances and thermometers to test refrigerator/freezer and room temperatures.

Outdoor Explorer Backpack

Outdoor Explorer Backpack

Includes binoculars, trail guide, local nature identification guides, temporary parking pass, and membership card for any EBRP facility.

Stories to Go Kits

Stories to Go Kits

Stories to Go are early literacy kits with over 50 themes for babies and young children.

Ukelele Kit

Ukulele Kit

Ukuleles are available for check out from the Hercules Library. Call (510) 245-2420 for reservations. Return this Kit only to Hercules.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi case

Raspberry Pi Kit

Includes a Raspberry Pi which is a tiny computer, SD card, keyboard, mouse, monitor, HDMI cable and coding kit.

WiFi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Check out a hotspot and use it to connect your tablet, laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled device to the internet.


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