The Contra Costa County Library is excited to connect our communities with information and resources dedicated to more sustainable methods of living. The library’s Sustainability page features programs, booklists, and blog posts that focus on sustainability in food, gardening, transportation, do-it-yourself projects, and civic engagement.

At the Library

Seed Library

Seed Library

Find out more about seed libraries available at some branches where community members can share and trade seeds.

Energy Efficiency Toolkit

Energy Efficiency Toolkit

Contains an electric use meter to test home appliances and thermometers to test refrigerator/freezer and room temperatures.

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What we are reading

Book list 1

Our Water Supply

Learn about the history of the human population's relationship to water in the drought-prone state of California and beyond.

Book list 2

Bountiful Backyard

Why not try one of these other backyard activities? If you don't have a backyard, many can be done on a porch or in a local park!

Book list 3

Living with Wildlife

Lessons for people sharing urban spaces with animals. Brought to you by the folks behind the Outdoor Explorer Online Program Series.

Book list 4

Climate Hope, Climate Justice

In this time of climate anxiety, take hope and take action while learning from activists around the world.

What we are talking about

Blog 1

All Hands On Deck: A Path to Our Sustainable Future

Resources and tools for how we can be part of the solution in our daily lives as we journey to get our world to a sustainable condition.

Blog 2

Growing Together: Seed Libraries

Contra Costa County Library is helping to cultivate the growth of seed libraries in our branches.

Blog 3

Seed Libraries: What Do I Grow Now?

Find out what seeds to plant and when with a little help from the library and the Contra Costa Master Gardeners.
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