Where We Come From

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From Jan. 1 to Jan. 31, Contra Costa Library is participating in “Where We Come From,” a Winter Reading Challenge sponsored by Beanstack. We challenge our library community to read at least 300 minutes during the month and keep track of their reading on our Beanstack site at ccclib.beanstack.org or on the Beanstack mobile app.

With the winter comes shorter days, colder weather, and a parade of holidays that often bring families together. While some things feel universal, like sharing a meal for Thanksgiving, lighting candles on the menorah, the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree, or counting down to a new year, every family has traditions that are specific to them and their culture.

This year’s winter challenge celebrates all the ways different cultures have come together to create the America we are today. It’s not always easy to tackle subjects like immigration, transracial adoption, famine, or war, but the realities of what people have faced to come to America are an important and indelible chapter of the story of our country.

There’s not one right way to be an American. As a people, we’re always changing and growing. This month, challenge yourself by reading about a different culture, or cooking a new food, or following a new tradition. And, if possible, teach a friend about one of your traditions and how your culture helped form it for your family.

We have a booklist to get you started but let us know what you choose to read by using the hashtag #WinterRead2024. Happy reading, Contra Costa Library!

Winter Challenge 2023: Where We Come From

Complete your winter Beanstack challenge by reading some books inspired by "Where We Come From". Celebrate all traditions, cultures, histories, and homelands which create this county that we love.

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