Freedom on Two Wheels

Submitted by CCCL_AlbertG

For over 100 years, the bicycle has helped to reduce crowding in inner-cities, assist in alleviating poverty, provide emancipation for women and a substitute for oil-consuming automobiles. This blog series – Freedom on Two Wheels – will look at how the bicycle continues to change the world while playing a role in helping individuals as they ride the road of life. Discover local trails and routes in one of the greatest places on earth to ride a bicycle: the San Francisco Bay Area. Read about how to travel the state, the country and the world on two wheels. Learn bicycle maintenance including how to fix a flat replace a chain and wrap your own bar tape. Thinking about getting in shape or even racing? Each post will focus on a different topic related to the bicycle and link to a book list with materials related to the subject. Freedom on Two Wheels will highlight the many resources, ideas and tips the Contra Costa County Library can provide to get you rolling and having fun on two wheels!

This blog series will be published biweekly on Friday. In the next week, Freedom on Two Wheels will feature a cyclist you might not have heard of but whose life and cycling career consisted of facing and overcoming prejudice in order to do what he loved most – riding a bike and riding fast!