Find a Job: What’s Social Networking?

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Reading this term, it sounds so formal that I had to take a step back to examine its definition myself. Why? Because youngpeopledon’t use this term.Communicatingonline these days via social media platforms is normal so much to the point, that it has becomeembeddedin our daily lives.Think about it—when you wake up in the morning and grab your phone, what is one of the first things that you check? Most likely social media. Any time that you are writing a comment,asking a question, choosing a reaction to a story, you are actively social networking. 

Social Networkinghas become thego to method for communication,nextto talking in person or over the phone. Even if you don’t know someoneor anorganizationpersonally, all it takes is a few taps of your thumb on social media platforms and boom you caneasilytake a glimpse into their life or organization. Things have changed drastically over the years; you don’t have to see someone in person to meet them anymore.People may have your phone number, but they will still ask you “Do you haveFacebook? What’s your IG?(Instagram account). Location is no longer a barrier to communication because if people have a social media account then you can talk to them instantly. 

Right beforeour libraries were closed due to the COVID-19 shutdown, I was talking to someone aboutmy profession. I told him I wasa librarian and he said, “Oh I didn’t know librarians can still do their jobsoutside of the library.” I didn’t have an answer for him at the time becauseI was still in the process of figuring out myself what I’d be doing.At that time, I knew that I could still do my job, but I just wasn’t sure how exactly.Fast forward twoweekslater,I discovered howI’d be able to do my job:creating programs for the libraryvia social media starring yours truly.Using socialmedia meant that social networking was another part of my job. 

Social networking has become a go to communication method for librarians.Why? 

Social Networking: 

  • Allows Librarians to present information/content regardless of social distancing barriers
  • Allows Librarians to appeal to a wider patron audience
  • Allows Librarians to connect with patronsmore on a personal level. 
  • Allows Librarians to showcase their personality through their work
  • Allows Librarians to be able to meet and collaborate with different librarians/library systems

Not sure where to start in terms of Social Networking? 

For further explanation on Social Networking, take a look at the article What is Social Networking? 

How to start social networking on Instagram and Facebook 

  • Ask a question
  • Choose a reaction to use while viewing an Instagram/Facebook story
  • Make a comment 

Increasethe number of people you follow;followpeople that share similar interests as you. Now that you know how to network, make sure to create accounts at Facebook, and Instagram, if you haven’t already done so. After that, you’re good to go: start finding those people, organizations, sites, and employers which interest you and start commenting and sharing about yourself!