Homelessness – Our County’s Challenges and Solutions

Submitted by CCCL_AlbertG

The Contra Costa County Library and the League of Women Voters, Diablo Valley and West Contra Costa chapters, recently presented the program, Homelessness – Our County’s Challenges and Solutions. The panel was moderated by Lindy Lavender Johnson, Chair of The Contra Costa Council on Homelessness. Panelists included California Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, Jaime Jenett, Health, Housing & Homeless Services, Contra Costa County, Lynn Peralta, Health, Housing & Homeless Services, Contra Costa County, and Melissa Breach from California Yes In My Backyard (YIMBY).  

Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks discussed funding for multi-family housing and additional dwelling units (ADU's) to achieve the density required. She also discussed zoning reform – SB9 and SB10 and the importance of housing built by union work forces.  

Jamie Jenett discussed the effort and challenges of compiling data from the county regarding unhoused populations and the lack of low-income housing available throughout the State. She also discussed outreach services available by phone, drop-in, and outreach and Project Roomkey and Homekey.   

Lynne Peralta discussed Contra Costa Resources, partnerships, and outreach efforts for rent relief programs. Melissa Breach discussed limited affordable housing for families, considered the single biggest barrier in our State for upward movement.  

The League of Women Voters created a useful Homelessness Resource List with links to sites with information and resources throughout the County.  

Check out the full program on our YouTube channel to get more information.