November 14-20 is United Against Hate Week

Submitted by  CCCL_PriyaV 

Not In Our Town: Resources to End Hate in our Communities

November is special. It's the start of the Holiday season. After a tumultuous 2020, there is much to be thankful for - health, family, and friends. What we missed the most in 2020 were our connections. Yet, it is sobering to know that last year also saw an increase, opens a new window in hate crimes. This report from the US Department of Justice found that in California, 65.8% of crimes were motivated by racial/ethnicity/ancestry bias. Further, a 107% jump in hate crimes against Asian Americans prompted the CA Department of Justice to issue this additional report., opens a new window The Attorney General's office has brochures in 25 languages on how to report hate crimes and how to distinguish them from hate incidents like name calling, which are bias-motivated but not against the law.       

If you are wondering, what can I do? We believe we can start by being kind and civil to one another. November 14-20 is celebrated as United Against Hate Week. Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors have adopted a resolution. We started early with a special Unity Day Storytime by Hercules Library staff. Here is a list of 20 ideas for individuals. Here’s how you can get involved and say no to hate. We have two lists of library resources for you: United Against Hate and Let Love Rule.  

The 2020 Census data indicates that Contra Costa County has become increasingly diverse and multiracial. We see this in our libraries every day and couldn't be happier. We welcome ALL. This holiday season, as we celebrate our relationships and our connectedness, let us also resolve to end hate in our communities. Together, we can restore civility in our discourse and love and respect in our neighborhoods.