Online Coding Workshops for Children and Teens

Submitted by CCCL_KelliN

Learning the language of computers can be the start of a lifelong adventure. Children and teens can take their first steps this summer by signing up for FREE online coding workshops, opens a new window offered by the Contra Costa County Library.

"The world around us is only going to become more integrated with technology, not less. It is pervasive in all industries, trades, and vocations. It is important to understand how computers and technology work," says Mr. Orlando, Library Assistant at Bay Point Community Library. He's organized a series of summer workshops, which are open to youth countywide. Registration is required. Click on the links below to sign up.

Scratch, opens a new window (Grades 3-5) A visual language that's considered ideal for beginners. Developed by MIT Medialab, Scratch provides a solid foundation for learning programming concepts.

Python, opens a new window (Grades 6-11) A popular text-based language used to develop everything from games to websites.

Tinkercad / 3D Printing, opens a new window (Ages 10 and up) Online software that allows you to create 3D models. Great for learning about 3D Printing.

Look no further than Mr. Orlando as an example of the exciting opportunities that coding can unlock. Before joining the Library, Mr. Orlando worked as a project manager, designer, and producer at Electronic Arts for over a decade. "My last four years there, I worked with a great team on managing and creating the best-selling PC golf simulation software in the industry at the time. A little game called Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf."

No matter what your child decides to be passionate about, Guzman says coding is a great skill for today and in the future. "Having a firmgrasp of coding, problem solving, 3D manufacturing and modeling, and collaborative teamwork will help the next generation be able to settle into the wave of change and be successful."