FCBD DIY Comic Book Wallet

Have extra comic books lying around? Here is an awesome craft to recycle an older comic book. Take a look below!

1. Take a double page from the center of an old comic book. Remove the staple first so that the page does not tear.

2. Put an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper on top of the comic book page, draw its outline, then cut around the outline.


3. Fold the page in half along the original crease.  

4. Then open it again and fold each half into the crease.

5. Fold these in again so that the paper forms a long rectangle.

6. Fold the long rectangle in half vertically, so that it looks like a folded wallet.

7. Open the page all the way so that you see eight rectangles.

8. Using a ruler, draw 2 cm (about ¾") lines on the outside of the page at each crease.

9. Then fold the page closed along the vertical line, trim along the edge of the first bottom block, and cut a shallow triangle in the second block.

10. When you open it back up, it will look like a diamond with a stem.

11. Fold in the top and middle flaps on each side, then put a piece of tape on the bottom middle at the stem.

12. Fold the page in half from top to bottom, then in half again so that the cutout diamond is on top.

13. Fold in the flaps still sticking out on either side and tape them down.