Self-Assessment Tools for Job Seekers, Part 2: The Never-Ending Cycle 

Submitted by CCCL_DouglasT 

With the rate of change in all industries today, skill-building is a continuous process. If your assessments show your skills-base is lacking, does not provide for promotion, or allow you to move in the direction you desire, you will want to acquire new skills.  

If you are currently employed, a good first step is to contact your HR department or manager and ask if continuing education benefits are available. If you are not employed, or don't have access to these benefits, or you just want to use some tools not available to you elsewhere, the library has many resources. 

BrainFuse HelpNow and Brainfuse JobNow/VetNow offer practice tests, one-on-one tutoring, resume assistance, and more. You can even get live help with a “Skills Building” tutor or submit questions for more thorough answers. Make sure to create an account so you can keep track of sessions and use the service to its fullest. 

Lynda Library is the product for libraries. It is an excellent resource for gaining skills in marketing, software skills, web design and more, including courses on job and career paths, 

SkillSoft is for the IT professional looking to expand their knowledge or the individual who wants to start a career in IT. Books, courses, and other resources are offered on most IT topics. 

When you have targeted the skills you needcheck out The federal government has paid for a lot to be written, produced, and developed around various careers. Most of the materials surrounding training and skills are freely available. 

Finally, try the library catalog, using either the standard or advanced search to find all manner of materials you can check out digitally and physically. The library has thousands of books on specific job-related topics that are always free to borrow.