Self Assessment Tools for Job Seekers

Submitted by CCCL_DouglasT

Before you start your job search, it is worth the extra time it takes to find out what you want to do, and what type of job you're most suited for. The following tools provide assessment surveys and industry information to help guide your decision about "what you want to be when you grow up". 

The Brainfuse HelpNow library resource has access to eParachute, a self-assessment tool based on the perennial favorite “What Color is your Parachute?”.  Another good library resource is the course “Discovering Your Strengths. The US Department of Labor has created a set of tools to help figure out your skills and what career may be best for you. The State of California also provides some excellent skills and interests tests to help you find out more about yourself. 

Another excellent way to review your skills and understand how a particular job is changing is to peruse the Occupational Outlook Handbook. You can find out the expected level of education for an entry level position, what type of experience is required, get an idea of salary ranges for specific jobs, and discover occupations with similar skill sets you may have never considered.