Sweet Treats

Submitted by CCCL_RobynB

Despite a lot of uncertainty this year, one thing has stayed the same: everyone loves sweet treats! As the weather cools down and the holidays get nearer, I love to try new baking projects and make all my favorite classic ones, as well. After all, there is something very comforting about being in a warm kitchen with the smell of baked goods in the air. And what better way to show your friends and family that you love them thawith sugar and butter? You can find some great recipes and inspiration through resources on the library’s website. Here are some ideas: 

Just getting started with baking? Check out Baking Gold by Jamie Curl. It has the basic recipes for a few doughs and batters that you can then transform into lots of different baked goods. 

Admit it: you always eat more of the cookie dough than you end up baking (we’re all guilty!). In Hello, Cookie Dough by Kristen Tomlan, we get recipes for safe-to-eat raw cookie dough and equally yummy baked cookies. 

For any fans of the Great British Bake Off, Baking With Kim-Joy by Kim-Joy will be a delight. She shows you how to bake your own super-creative and colorful treats. 

The cover of Delish Insane Treats Joanna Saltz by  is enough to make you drool. I’m dying to try the banana pudding bars. Mmmm! 

Rachel Fong, a YouTuber and Instagrammer, teaches you how to make treats that are almost too cute to eat in Kawaii Sweet WorldBest of all, even a beginner can make a lot of her recipes.  

Did you know that you can read full magazines online through Flipster? You just log in with your library card. Some of our favorites for baking are: 

Food Network Magazine - their November 2020 issue has all the perfect basics for Thanksgiving baking. 

Good Housekeeping - their December 2020 issue has some delicious-looking holiday cookie recipes. 

Bon Appetit - their November 2020 issue has baked goods recipes from a Black woman-owned bakery. 

Happy baking (and eating)!