Working From Home: Etiquette

Submitted by CCCL_DouglasT

For the newly-working-at-home, there’s a lot to rememberAnd again, maybe notIf you have good office etiquette already, it is basically the same for homeIf you’re not sure of what I mean, try this search and request a book, and read this great article to get started.

Do I get a Lunch?
Treat your lunch as you would at workSet all of your telecommuting tools to away and eat your lunch, play your games, scroll through your phone, or whatever 

Camera, on or off?
Virtual meetings are the rule of the day, and will probably continue long after the pandemic is over. Determine if you are expected to have your video on. Each organization tends to have its own rules, so be certain to figure this out as soon as possible. The last thing to check is your background. You should have no “controversial” or “objectionable” images behind you. Nudes, political posters, are generally not acceptable, but also think of anything that may be distracting. Go for neutral, or easier, take them down while you’re on a meeting.   

When to mute?
The mute is your friendPets, crying or playing children, spouses, even street noise all intrude on the meeting environmentIf you are not speaking, it’s just a good idea to muteIn my experience, the easiest way to keep the mute accessible is to use VOIP USB headset with mute 

Your computer is your employer’s computer
If your employer has a computer monitoring policy, it is best to assume that you are being monitored, even if you use your own computerAsk your employer for a work computer (either from the office or purchased new) and use it only for workNothing else.