A Day in the Life of a Librarian in Juvenile Hall

Submitted by CCCL_RachelF

Being a librarian at Juvenile Hall is a lot like being at a public library! The residents love to visit and read a lot. Manga, drawing, and urban fiction books are incredibly popular! Click HERE for an urban fiction booklist I created if you want to read more.

My day begins by being buzzed inside and saying hello to central control. Central control is a booth that can see everything that goes on in the building and lets me in the units when I need to deliver books. I open the library and begin to prepare for the day.

I visit the units where the residents live and empty the book drops. I check in the books and pull holds for the residents. They are allowed to place holds on the computer during school. Not everybody gets to come to the library everyday, so it is important I pull holds, so everyone can get books!

Once the holds are ready, I prepare for unit visits. Every unit has a particular time during the week where the residents come to the library. They are able to browse the collection, talk to library staff, or just unwind after a stressful day! We may even play a game of Taboo. When the residents leave, they receive a yummy treat!

After the visits, I deliver the holds and am able to do other duties like plan programs, purchase books, and so much more! I love talking with the residents and learning about their passions and talents. Below is an awesome poster they created!