How do I renew my LINK+ items?

Renewal of LINK+ items is not guaranteed. You can only renew LINK+ items within the span of three days before the due date through two days after the due date. To renew your LINK+ items:

  1. Log in to your LINK+ account using your last name and Library card number.
  2. Click on the box next to the item(s), then click the “renew selected” button.
  3. Review the transaction information displayed then select “Yes” to complete.
  4. The message “Renewed 1 Time” will appear under the renewal due date. If the item was previously renewed, the due date will remain the same.
  5. If you see the message “Renewal Denied: the renewal is NOT approved,” you must return the item(s) by the original due date.
  6. Check your LINK+ account later to verify the renewal status.