Family Navigators Offer Drop-in Support at the San Pablo Library

The Contra Costa County Library and Employment & Human Services Department (EHSD) are partnering to make it easier for families to get access to important support services. The 4 Our Families program places Family Navigators at the San Pablo Library every Wednesday to help with services like rent assistance, EBT, healthcare, and citizenship. The Navigators can also assist families in signing up for Cash Aid, Medi-Cal or CalFresh, Senior Services, Family Services, Immigration Aid, and help with medical coverage. Navigators are available for drop-in appointments between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


“Helping families understand which programs they qualify for and getting them signed up is a critical need in our communities,” said County Librarian Alison McKee. “The Library is committed to partnering with other county departments and community organizations to bring services to people where they are.”


Patrons often come to the libraries searching for information about county programs and resources and library staff aren’t equipped to assist them. This partnership brings highly trained staff from EHSD into a community in need.


“We know how important it is for people to have easy access to vital services,” said Employment and Human Services Director Marla Stuart. “Our navigators are trained and have experience providing resources with compassion while maintaining privacy.”


Family navigators can also be reached by email at or by calling (925) 335-6581.