About El Cerrito Library

El Cerrito Library is a small yet busy community library; it is currently housed in a building from 1949 which was expanded to its current size in 1960. The library collection of over 36,000 items includes books and other materials in English, Spanish, and Chinese and also offers a wide range of DVDs, CDs, magazines, and audiobooks. 

EC Seeds Library:

Assisted by the El Cerrito Community Garden Network, El Cerrito Library is also proud to offer free seeds for anyone interested in growing their own plants, flowers, or vegetables. The EC Seeds Library is for the use of everyone! No membership, no returns! Take seeds home, plant them, and reap the rewards of growing your own vegetables, grains, herbs, and flowers. The items listed in the seeds library are subject to change. El Cerrito Library does not take reservations, phone calls, or emails for seeds. Seeds are available while supplies last.