Brentwood Library Memorial and Honor Books

Brentwood Library Memorial and Honor Books

This is a project developed to assist the Brentwood Library in purchasing more books.

Looking for the appropriate "personalized touch" for someone special? Do you want to find a good way to keep the memory of a loved one alive? Need a gift idea for Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Grandchildren, a Retiree, etc.? Would you like to know that your gift will live on, being used and cared for?

Ordering a memorial or honor book for the Brentwood Community Library can make your wishes a reality. It can reflect your taste or that of the person being honored. It is also an excellent way for you, your business, or your organization to help our community by providing books on topics of interest to the people using the Brentwood Community Library.

The process is quick and easy. We will take your request in person or you can print the form and mail or fax it.

Memorial Books are a thoughtful way to remember loved ones who are deceased. Honor Books offer a lasting tribute to a person of your choice for a special occasion (such as a birthday, holiday, a milestone or "just because you love them").

Here are some answers to some questions and answers about memorial and honor books.

How much does it cost? Prices start at $25.00. A larger gift enables the library to purchase a more expensive book or more than one $25.00 book. The choice is yours. Your gift is tax deductible.

Who chooses the book? New titles added to the library’s collection are subject to the library’s materials selection policy. You have the option of naming a general category (crafts, literature, education, etc.). The librarians in charge of acquisitions will choose a book in your price range and category whenever possible.

Where will my gift go? Your gift will go to the Brentwood Library.

Will an acknowledgment be sent? Yes. Acknowledgments go to both the donor and to the person (or family) being honored. Please provide us with accurate information. A bookplate listing the name of the person being honored or memorialized is placed in front of each book you purchase.

How long does it take? Each order is handled personally. Book orders are made once a month. Acknowledgments are sent within a few weeks of the order. The time needed to order, receive and process specially requested books normally takes 3-4 months. Occasionally, there are delays from our jobber.

How long will the book be in the library? Memorial/Honor books are lasting tributes: books are removed when worn or damaged and are subject to the library's usual weeding procedures.

Browse through the following and/or talk to a librarian if you need some help selecting a topic of interest for your book order:

  • Children's Books (for the someone who loves children)
  • Fiction (includes mysteries, westerns, science fiction, etc.)
  • Generalities (books on computers and publishing)
  • Philosophy & Psychology (also includes mythology and occultism)
  • Religion (history, theology, devotional, inspirational, etc.)
  • Language (dictionaries, foreign languages, grammar, etc.)
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics (animals, plants, man, astronomy, chemistry, physics, etc.)
  • Technology (includes medicine, nutrition, fitness, do-it-yourself books, gardening, etc.)
  • The Arts (includes decorating, sports, dance, film, photography, etc.)
  • Literature (drama, speeches, essays, literary criticism, classics)


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