Kindergarten Countdown

Kindergarten Countdown provides families with examples of fun and open-ended activities to support future school success. The activities are all designed to promote the early literacy skills of talking, singing, reading, writing, playing, fine-motor skills and self-help.

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Want to create your own Kindergarten Countdown Kit? The following handouts will help.



Talking is the way most people communicate with each other. The more words a child speaks at home, the more words they will understand and speak at school.  The more words a child can speak, the more likely they will recognize those words in print. Talking connects children to the world around them. 

More Activities that Encourage Talking

Kindergarten Countdown: Talking

Kindergarten Countdown: Talking

Whether it's by predicting what will happen next, rhyming words, or both, these books will help teach young kids language skills.



Singing and other music-based activities help children to explore new ideas and new words.  Singing is important because it slows language down.  This helps children hear individual sounds in words. 

More Activities that Encourage Singing

Kindergarten Countdown: Singing

Kindergarten Countdown: Singing

Books, activities, and resources to help practice the skill of singing for kindergarten readiness.



Reading together fosters language skills, and introduces new ideas and concepts to your child. When children are taught that reading is fun, they are much more likely to want to learn, and more likely to continue reading as they become older.  Reading together is important! 

More Activities that Encourage Reading

Kindergarten Countdown: Reading

Kindergarten Countdown: Reading

Have your soon-to-be kindergartners narrate what is happening in these wordless (or nearly wordless) picture books.



Writing and drawing are important methods of communication.  When a young child scribbles, it is their first step toward writing.

More Activities that Encourage Writing

Kindergarten Countdown: Writing

Kindergarten Countdown: Writing

List of fun writing resources to develop the skills needed to start writing.



Playing is a child’s work.  It is through play and exploration that a child learns most about the world around them.

More Activities that Encourage Playing

Kindergarten Countddown: Playing

Kindergarten Countdown: Playing

Books about play, how fun is that? Playing is the very best way to learn and have tons of fun.

Fine Motor Skills


Fine motor skills are needed for writing, cutting, buttoning, zipping, and tying—all important skills needed for Kindergarten activities

More Activities that Encourage Fine Motor Skills

Kindergarten Countdown: Fine Motor Skills

Kindergarten Countdown: Fine Motor Skills

Books, activities, and resources to help your child practice small muscle movements to build Fine Motor Skills needed for kindergarten.



Self-help skills, such as caring for one’s own bathroom needs, hanging up one’s own coat, and controlling one’s emotions, are one of the most important indicators of school readiness according to kindergarten teachers.

More Activities that Encourage Self-Help

Kindergarten Countdown: Self Help

Kindergarten Countdown: Self Help

Help your child learn to care for themselves and develop social and adaptive skills to make their school transition as smooth as possible.

Cuenta Regresiva para el Kindergarten


Cuenta Regresiva para el Kindergarten es un programa que brinda a las familias ejemplos de actividades divertidas y abiertas para apoyar el futuro éxito escolar de sus hijos. Todas las actividades están diseñadas para promover las habilidades de alfabetización temprana como son: hablar, cantar, leer, escribir, jugar, habilidades motoras finas y de autoayuda.

¿Quieres crear tu propio kit de Cuenta Regresiva para el Kindergarten? Las siguientes folletos le ayudarán:

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