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PressReader is a newspaper and magazine service that provides unlimited access to 7,000+ current publications from over 120 countries, in 60 different languages. Publications include The Economist, USA Today, The New York Times, La Opinión, World Journal, Times of India, El Diario, La Razón, China Daily, Der Tagesspiegel, The Guardian, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Variety, Newsweek, and Popular Science.  

(Please note: issues for The Economist and The New York Times are limited to a 24-hour checkout period and can be checked out again once the 24 hour period is up.) 

Read online or download. No limits on downloads. Provides up to a 60-day backfile and the ability to perform keyword searches across all titles. Instantly translates articles into 18 languages. Listen to content out loud.

Use PressReader in your browser

Click on PressReader and enter your library card number and PIN, if needed. If you are in a Contra Costa County Library location you may see language indicating you are at a "PressReader Hotspot." This designation should provide you with access to all of the PressReader content.

To use the full features of PressReader, such as creating collections, saving articles, and reading offline, create a personal account from the sign in page using your email address.

Use the PressReader App

  1. Download and open the PressReader app
  2. Tap on "Libraries & Groups"
  3. Search and select “Contra Costa County Library”
  4. Enter your library card number and PIN
  5. Tap on Sign in

After you’re authenticated, you have access to the app for about 48 hours. When your two days are up, just repeat the process.

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