Native American Heritage Month

In this era of modern technology, there is a need for personal stories: own stories told through own voices, sharing memories and experiences. The earliest forms of storytelling were oral, passed down through generations. This form is most commonly associated with Native Americans. They used storytelling as a way to share their histories, their lessons, their knowledge and understanding of the physical and spiritual worlds. Their voices and stories are essential as we honor Native Americans this November.

Sometimes known as National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month was designated in 1990 by presidential proclamation. It serves as a time to acknowledge the diverse cultures and abundant traditions of Native people. It offers a chance to learn about Native American history and tribal customs. But most of all, it presents the opportunity to share stories. Native Americans’ stories have been retold through art, cinema, poetry, music, literature, and so much more. Take time this November to indulge in a new story.

Celebrate the importance of stories. Celebrate your heritage and your history. Celebrate Native American Heritage Month.