Arab American Heritage Month

This April we celebrate Arab American Heritage Month. The Arab America Foundation initially launched April as their dedicated heritage month in 2017 partnering with grassroots organizations across the country to promote and spread the word to encourage better and wide-spread recognition. One of the newest cultural heritage months, it was officially declared by President Biden in 2022 that April should be dedicated in acknowledgement of the contributions, and appreciation for, the impact that Arab Americans have had on our country.  

“Ours is a Nation shaped by the immigrant’s heart, and generations of brave and hopeful people from across all countries, including from the Arab world, have woven their unique heritages, customs, and talents into the tapestry of America... Arab Americans are also proudly serving throughout my Administration, bringing a diversity of expertise that helps make this country stronger, more prosperous, and more just."

Arab American Heritage Month is an opportunity to shine a light on the rich history, traditions, and achievements of Arab Americans. From art and literature to science and technology, Arab Americans have made significant contributions in various fields, enriching the fabric of American society. We invite you to embark on a journey of learning, connection, and cultural exploration throughout this special month and beyond.  

For those who are interested in delving deeper into the culture, heritage, and history of Arab Americans you can explore our latest curated lists of resources below:

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