Computer Security and Privacy

Library Computer Security and Privacy

The Library's computers are protected by several different types of hardware and software security systems to prevent hacking, tampering, or any other unauthorized use. These systems prevent unwanted changes to the computers' software and ensures that every computer is reverted back to a clean state after a reboot, which is done at least once a day. Every computer is protected by enterprise-class antivirus software, as well as a hardware firewall to prevent network intrusion. In addition, all user information is deleted upon logout of each user's session to protect patron privacy.

We take security and privacy concerns very seriously. When patrons or staff report a potential security issue, we investigate and address the issue as soon as possible, usually within a day. Our IT team regularly updates our multiple security systems to ensure that all of our computers are fully protected. Antivirus updates are automatically installed every 15 minutes, and all other security updates are performed when they become available.

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