Sustainable 2022

The Contra Costa County Library is excited to connect our communities with information and resources dedicated to more sustainable methods of living. The library’s Sustainability page features programs, booklists, and blog posts that focus on sustainability in food, gardening, transportation, do-it-yourself projects, and civic engagement throughout 2022.  


The Contra Costa County Library hopes to inspire others to embrace new behaviors through the promotion of sustainable practices and concepts. In addition to the programs and digital resources available on the library’s website, our libraries are offering sustainable collections like our Seed Libraries that will offer seeds at various libraries in the County. The Seed Library can be found on our Library of Things page, a resource that includes an Energy Efficient ToolkitOutdoor Explorer Backpacks, and musical and technology-based kits. 


The Contra Costa County Library is partnering with local organizations to offer gardening, cooking, and fix-it clinics to assist and encourage sustainable practices. Check back for more information throughout the year as the library continues to act as a trusted resource for the County.