Seed Library

Contra Costa County Seed Library

Seed libraries available at some branches, while varied in their use, are places for community members to share and trade seeds that have been donated or harvested locally. This means that the plants that grow from these seeds will often do better than store-bought seeds since they have acclimated to the local microclimates and soils. See the list below to find out where you can "borrow" and donate seeds.


California Natives Gardening

A wealth of resources from our collections to help you successfully grow California Native plants.

Growing Together blog

Growing Together: Seed Libraries

Contra Costa County Library is helping to cultivate the growth of seed libraries in our branches.

Seed Libraries blog

Seed Libraries: What Do I Grow Now?

Find out what seeds to plant and when with a little help from the library and the Contra Costa Master Gardeners.
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